Naikomy`s Art

Naikomy`s Art

Strive for your dream. Do not lie to yourself. Never give up and just go ahead.


Game development process and projects

At the moment i'm working on point&click quest, visual novel and Interactive fiction game.
Details maybe appear later.. but i can`t promise anything yet...
because, i still have a lot of to study. and... im an artist and desiner, not a programer.

Here page!
And Discord Channel

Don`t follow the butterfly! Chapter 1

That quest about the girl, that appeared in some dark place with no idea or information where she is...
Oh, wait! Is that kind of start too predictable? but c`mon, that not an adventure about somewho with amnesia and
"how to get out of the room".This story about... the girl, that definitely know about herself,
but she have no idea about that place and how it connected with her. And you.. you one of the voice from endless void that can help her in that journey..
are you ready for that? if yor answer is "yes" (or "maybe"), then, go on! this way!

And remember: "Don`t stay in the dark" and "Don`t follow the butterfly! "

Chapter 1 - soon

At the same time, I`m working on the second version of this quest. This is not Interective Fiction, but Point&Click
Here you can find some vidio of development process.

Worlds of worlds: act 1.

This is a love story that is none the one in that kind.
One slime-boy fall in love with the slime-girl that have no idea about his feelings.

He is too little in slime society and lives too far from her city.
He always thought that "he is happy country slime!"
But now. he fall in love...

what he will do now? That the start point of the advanture.

Chapter 1 - soon


I woke up again. She was also here. She wearing white and the white mask hiding her face.
i`m lying on the metal and listening the songs of grey little bird, that i have never seen here.
The mosaic and stained glass windows with light on the ceiling.
There is a scene depicting Adam and Eve in Paradise. I have carefully studied it. All her details are so familiar now ..
Most of all I am fascinated by the apple in the hands of Eva .. i just can`t stop watching it.

i`m only one here... i mean...ah... forget it...
she will do another injection on me now... i don`t want it...
this needle... it too close... i know i will fall sleeping again... i don`t want it... please... let me finaly free... fr...

Chapter 1 - soon